When One Book Closes, Another Opens…

Thank you all for joining me!

The publication of my first poetry collection, Bright Pink Ink, was an exciting dream come true. I wasn’t shocked when my heart bubbled with a deep sense of accomplishment when I found out the library where I used to work, the Kennett Library, had purchased a copy, but when I was told that my former colleagues had been leafing through it and recommending certain poems to a friend of mine, I was not prepared. My gratitude and love for that place was overwhelming.

I was also not prepared for the writing fervor that would twitch through my fingers once my first collection was completed. Now that I have jumped this hurdle of publishing a book (without landing on my face), I want to do it again. This yearning to challenge myself and my writing ability has resulted in the construction of a new collection dedicated to those creatures known for their near mythic abilities and long history of cohabitation with humans: dogs.

My dog, Milly, putting up with my antics

While this project is still in very early days, I hope that upon its completion it will be a text filled not only with humorous pieces, but also with material that will provide a full bodied image of what these animals are capable of and their impact upon our world.

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