The All Mighty Critic

I could hardly believe what I read…

When I opened my email before work this morning the last thing I was expecting to see was an email from poet W. R. Rodriquez. I had first encountered Rodriquez’s work after he’d learned of my free poetry book reviews for modern poets; he was very supportive of my endeavors and even submitted two of his own books for review (I highly recommend Concrete Pastures of the Beautiful Bronx).

Then, when I announced that my collection, Bright Pink Ink, had been released, he was incredibly kind and purchased a copy! Since that exciting day, I’ve celebrated my wedding, moved Texas and started a new job. I’m certainly still keeping an eye on my book, but I’m not ashamed to say that the poetry has had to take a back seat for the past few weeks. It’s been a wild time.

Now we come to this morning. I was groggy. There was no coffee gurgling happily in the pot yet and at the moment I hardly remember why I opened my email. The first message greeting me was from Rodriquez. He alerting me that he had read my book and left a review on Amazon. This was my first review to come from outside of immediate friends and family. There was trepidation creeping around, of course, but mainly an exhilarating thrill was shooting through me. Someone had not only bothered to BUY (let alone read) my first poetry collection but also review it! I rapidly pulled up my book to view his verdict.

I could hardly believe what I read…Rodriquez had left me a glowing, five star review. firstbookreviewThe realization that a stranger found pleasure in my work was astonishing and humbling.  The fact the he even suggested looking forward to more was just shocking. Needless to say, his review acted as a mental turbo boost. I was gliding on a kind of happy cloud. Someone out there liked my book. Isn’t that all any writer could ask for?

22 thoughts on “The All Mighty Critic

  1. It’s always awesome when someone you look up to recognizes your work. I once had a mention from Danny Sullivan in a blog post of his (well known in the digital marketing/SEO world). That was really cool.

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  2. Well done, Congrats. You should always believe in yourself, this is no luck. This is all the hard work and hours you put in and you truly deserve a whole lot of it.


  3. Wow, this is so amazing, definitely, it would have been a great surprise for you. It must have boosted your confidence a lot. Keep Writing.


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