Free Book Reviews!

Some of you may already know why I provide free book reviews for poets, but for those you that don’t, don’t worry! I’ll explain.

Poetry is making a come back with the general populace, and I hope to create a platform for modern poets which allows readers to find them. It can be difficult for poets to market their books. Though it is becoming more popular (thanks to poets like Chen Chen and Rupi Kaur making good use of social media), poetry is still a hard sell.

Reviews are magnificent tools which increase the chances of a reader taking a chance on a book. My reviews are offered free of charge. The only request I make of poets is that they send me a hard copy of their book. After I review them, I donate the books to local libraries!

Writers and reader who enjoy these reviews can make small donations so I can accept even more books. 10% of all earning and donations gained from these reviews are donated to a different non-profit organization every year. This year your contributions will be helping The Garage Community and Youth Center!

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