Marjorie Maddox Tunes In To Tragedy

Life, death, joy, and fear are all put under the microscope in this studious collection

Marjorie Maddox‘s 2013 publication Local News from Someplace Else, published through Wipf and Stock, examines wanton destruction and new life as it tries to shoulder its way around old disasters. Through her precise, investigative language, (which will cause readers to imagine a reporter is diligently sharing tragic details with them) Maddox provides a chronicle of history. At the same time her work realizes that the past must be moved aside in order to gain access to the rewards of the future.

Poet Todd Davis remarks that the pages found within this collection “…move with faith and grace through the violent landscapes of contemporary America…” While it is true that Maddox’s book opens with one of the most awe inspiring moments of destruction in American history, she reminds readers of “…the ordinariness of death.” Death is, really, a “simplicity so boring we relax in it,” and Maddox delivers happiness to her readers with quick shocks of joyful poetry which she has scattered throughout the bleak environment her readers will find themselves traveling in.

Read the full review here.


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