Wight Creates a Garden for the End of the World

And Krampus is trying to find himself a corner in it.

Philadelphia poet Anne-Adele Wight’s 2016 collection The Age of Greenhouses is very much like its cover: eye-catching and weird. Its subject matter, which is human kind’s raging destruction of the environment, is clearly dear to Wight’s heart; however, as Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine sings, “…the heart is hard to translate. It has a language of its own.” Wight’s powerful conviction is not diluted in her pages, but at times the ultimate goal of her mission, to protect the planet, becomes hard to understand. Poetry is an excellent mode for an individual wishing to convey the intense passions they are feeling within the core of their being, but the initial explosion of word upon paper can lead to confusion. The manner in which Wight constructs her poetry is as if they are written in code. This makes many of them difficult for readers to decipher.

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