W. R. Rodriquez’s Words Guide Readers Through the Beautiful Bronx

Rodriquez smashes every pair of rose colored glasses he can get a hold of in this collection

W. R. Rodriquez‘s Concrete Pastures of the Beautiful Bronx was written ten years ago but it could have stepped off the presses today. Its passion is streaked with cynicism and yet this collection is filled with a bleeding kind of joy.

This poetry is a pack of howls unleashed at a blood red setting sun; however, it does open with an enchanting, surprisingly gentle, piece. “the bootblack” introduces the readers to the concept that “realty is unique / as a world worn foot” before being led into a long ago time and place. By recalling the past in such fantastic detail, Rodriquez creates spell binding poetry. After reading this collection lovers of poems will find themselves unwilling to seek any escape from Rodriquez’s “crying tenements” or “the Bronx highlands.”

Read the full review at Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews!


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