Praise for Lauren Scharhag’s First Collection of Poems

Vegetable preparation has never been so blood thirsty

Upon review, this exciting piece of work could perhaps be more aptly described as an assembly of mini-epics rather than a compilation of poems. Readers will find that each piece is a complete story, and that each of these stories is filled with its fair share of horrifically beautiful descriptions. The collection opens with a rather temperate piece, “Good Bread.” This is a quiet yet confident little poem which pays homage to a lineage of women who “…looked at the moon and baked bread round.”

The poem’s successor, however, charges into this false sense of security Scharhag created and destroys absolutely everything in its path. “The Minotaur’s Daughter” enters the scene with its eyes ablaze and nostrils flared.

Read the full review at Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews!


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