Pause for a Poet: Anne-Adele Wight

A Chance to Pick the Brain of a Truly Unique Poet

The phone rings and immediately there is a cheery voice on the other line  greeting me enthusiastically. I am speaking with Anne-Adele Wight (AW), a woman as vivacious, energetic, and unique as her poetry. I had been eager to speak with her after discussing her poetry collection, The Age of Greenhouses, with my compatriots at a meeting of the Kennett Library Poetry Discussion Club.

One of the group’s members revealed to me that Wight had made several allusions to physics throughout the text—a key piece of information which had certainly alluded me during my reading of it, as I have no real grasp of that subject matter. Full of laughter at my confession that I was dumbfounded by much of The Age of Greenhouses, Wight jumps right in on her other book, Opera House Arterial.

Read the full review here!

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