Desperate for Book Reviews?

Find a Book Reviewer for Your Specific Genre!

As a poet myself I know how frustrating it can be to find someone to provide a book review. I’m not even praying for an especially good one (though I will not turn those down obviously) I’m just trying to convince anyone to take a look at my work.

As reader, you can think what you like but at least think about my poetry for a little.

Knowing my work has engaged and spent some time with another human being provides that spark of mysterious joy that only artists can understand.

Now of course, the first source for reviews often touted to writers is their family. But as much as your family may love and support you, it is not fun to keep cajoling them to read your work (which they may not like) and leave a review (which they may forget to do). And what if you write sordid romance novels or gruesome horror stories that not everyone may be comfortable reading? What if you don’t want to share your work with family just yet?

As it happens, there is a resource that catalogues book reviewers who focus on specific genres! I was lucky enough to stumble upon The Indie Book Reviewers List when searching for someone to review my own poetry. Authors can search by category to distinguish the best reviewers to contact about their work!

Reviewers listed on the site must not charge for their book reviews. A happy thought indeed for the struggling writer.

This is an incredible resource for writers of all genres, and I am very happy to say that Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews is now listed on The Indie Book Reviewers List as well. The site also conducts interviews with their hosted book reviewers so authors can learn even more about the people they will be entrusting their work to.

My own interview as a poetry book reviewer will be released on April 16th!

Best of luck, writers! May your reviews be bountiful!

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