We’re On The Move!

So here’s the big news — Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews is moving!

This is why I cannot accept any new poetry books at this time (I don’t want to miss your works in the mail) and why I am adding a link to my couch and dining table.

I’m trying to clear out our apartment!

I had a great time getting to know South Texas. Happily for me, I was able to play with great people and make some fantastic friends on the Corpus Christi Clams and Crabs rugby teams.

New to married and military life, the past few months have involved a period of intense skin shedding. As I’ve let go of aspects from my old state of existence there has been new growth – not only in my approach to poetry, but in my approach to how I interact with the wider community.

With wide eyes and a sponge mind, I am open to learning all I can about new poetry, the culture of where I will be living, and how I can be of use to others.

Marrying into the Marine Corps is a discombobulating experience. My spouse and I are unsure of exactly where we will be living next, but I am eager to get to know our new community when we get there.

Rest assured, once we have a mailing address I will open up for poetry book submissions.

Until then — who needs a couch?

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