Bookstore Dreams

Light dapples the mismatched chairs and bookcases. Drifting steam from coffee and tea cups is accompanied by the ‘fll-ip’ of pages as a bell rings over the door. At night the coffee and tea are joined by some popped corks, a few cans of beer. A microphone is tapped by an open mic night host.

These have been recurring elements in my daydreams lately. I can’t kick the idea of owning a bookstore out of my head.

The enterprise seems like a perfect culmination of my collegiate studies and my professional experiences since then. Not only does it seem like the perfect career path but it also, to me at least, would be way to give back to my peers. The prospect of becoming a fully contributing member of society and setting up a shop that is not only a small business but a type of community center as well fills me with a sense of elation.

Settling down in one place may not happen for a few years as my spouse is in the military, but recently – this goal of owning my own bookstore has begun to energize me. I’m already itching to patent the business name or do some ridiculously far fetched thing like that.

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But I’ve decided I’m going to start small. I’m going to begin a scrapbook of design ideas (as well as business models) to help me consolidate these daydreams into some kind of realistic blueprint for the future. And I’m going to begin saving the funds for this daydream. I have the vision. Now I just need the means to get it started.

And I will. Someday.


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2 thoughts on “Bookstore Dreams

  1. Owning your own business or being self-employed can be very challenging but if the idea of running your own bookstore comes back to you all the time, who knows? Maybe it’s meant to be 🙂 I wish you the best of luck with your endeavor!

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