You Power These Book Reviews

I am so grateful to the imaginative, passionate, beautiful, weird poetry community!

Thanks to your continued interest in these poetry book reviews, you have all been such a huge help in encouraging me to keep this project going. In addition to the confidence you have all given me personally, through your support and generosity, you’ve been able to act as a boost for several contemporary poets. This has enabled them to make themselves and their work known to a wider audience!

In case some of you are new to Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews, let me introduce you to the project.

Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews provides modern poets with a free, honest review of their poetry chapbooks or full length collections. At the end of every year 10% of all site earnings and donations are gifted to a non-profit. Last year, our combined efforts helped raise money for The Garage Community and Youth Center of Kennett Square.

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This year, Lambda Literary will be the beneficiary of this project!

While the act of simply reading this article and my reviews is greatly appreciated, I still need your help. Donations of any amount make these free reviews possible and allow me to dedicate more time to reviewing the works of contemporary poets. Again, 10% of all donations & earnings from these reviews benefit a non-profit every year!

This year your help will not only support these free poetry book reviews but Lambda Literary! Thank you again for your support, generosity and encouragement. This project wouldn’t be possible without you.

Donate today to help modern poets and a great non-profit!

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