The Writing Can Wait

Newsflash: Writers Enjoy Other Things Too

Contrary to popular belief, writers are not all hunched over their laptops or scribbling in notebooks at eclectic coffee shops 24/7.

We have jobs, kids, pets, sibling, significant others who all deserve a bit of our time too. We also have hobbies.

You know, those activities that people do purely for the fun of it.

Shocking in this day and age of the ‘hustle’, I know.

For me, those hobbies are playing rugby and knitting. There’s a therapeutic quality I find in both knitting and rugby (obviously they each provide a very different kind of therapy).

Knitting is hypnotic. If I choose a relatively simple pattern I can lose myself in the twirling yarn for hours. And hopefully end up with something nice to gift a friend — or myself!

I’m working on a lumberjack inspired blanket right now. That one is definitely going to be for me. It’s crazy cozy.

Rugby, though, is an amazing form of stress relief. I can roll into practice like a storm cloud, but when I stagger away from those two hours of sprinting, rucking and tackling my internal consternation has all but evaporated.

There’s nothing else like it.

So if some of you diligent writers haven’t forgotten what it’s like to do something for the sheer thrill of it, I have a question for you: What’s your hobby?

Let me know in the comments! I can’t wait to read all about them!

6 thoughts on “The Writing Can Wait

  1. I enjoy those complicated paint-by-numbers for adults for the same reason you love knitting 😊 my family doesn’t understand how I have the patience for it, but seeing all the colors turn into shapes and scenes under my fingertips while letting life drift away for a while is seriously one of my favorite things!

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