Drowning While Standing Still

Stagnant water bears far too much of a similarity to me right now. There’s still life under the depths of this pond but nothing is flowing, no creativity is flooding over the banks to hydrate waiting plot lines and unorganized poems.

Sure, we all know about Writer’s Block, but have we really talked about that particularly dreadful malaise a writer can slip into? That malaise which is characterized by an intense lack of motivation to even attempt to write about something?

At least with Writer’s Block the drive to write is there even if it is accompanied by savage frustration. Sometimes that consternation can actually lend itself to creating great work.

But how does a writer throw off this weighted blanket of disinterest?

For myself, the best strategy is the application of sheer force. When I feel myself locked in the dregs of poetic numbness the only thing I can do to shake myself loose to write something. Anything.

The act is similar to striking a match. If I drag my pen just so, if I apply the correct amount of pressure than I can ignite some kind of creative spark, no matter how small it may be.

Well, with that being said, I’m going to try my best to light a poetic fire.

Best of luck to any of you writers who are also struggling at the moment. If you need some inspiration, check out some of these writing prompts!

2 thoughts on “Drowning While Standing Still

  1. I agree that sometimes the application of sheer force is needed. On the other hand, sometimes a lack of interest in writing is the mind’s way of telling us it needs to lie fallow for a while before bringing forth new life.

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