The End is Nigh!

Not ‘The End’ (hopefully) but 2020 is almost here!

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We’re getting close to the end of 2019 and so far we’ve raised $12.12 for Lambda Literary!

Remember readers, your generous support is not only sponsoring book reviews for modern poets but helping raise money for a great nonprofit as well.

Upgrades were made to the site which have resulted in increased cost for this writer but the book reviews will always remain free for our poets.

Here’s how you can help BOTH Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews and Lambda Literary:

Indulge With YaYa Designs!

If you’re in need of new stickers, pins or notebooks than look no further then YaYa Designs. The best part is that all sales proceeds from YaYa Designs help power the blog!

Donate Directly

Trying to avoid accumulating more things? Not a problem. You can donate as little as a dollar with no fuss and sponsor a poet’s book review today!

Engage With the Blog

The last, but probably most important, way to support Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews is through engagement! Share, Comment, Pin or Tweet the reviews so more people can learn about modern poetry!

You’re The Best

Thank you all so much, you beautiful people! Your support means everything to this writer! Without you, this blog wouldn’t have survived very long. Taking the time to comment on a review or share a post provides such a burst of glowing positivity even if you don’t realize it. Thank you, readers, for supporting modern poets and, well, me!


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