Hello Writing Community

I’ve just learned that my sweet dog, Milly, may need a fairly expensive surgery for a ligament tear. If you could all support the blog through comments, shares, and donations I would be incredibly grateful.

I’m Milly! Please help me get my knee fixed!

This dog has seen me through so much, and I owe it to her to help her live a long, healthy life. She’s my rugby buddy, travel companion and one of my first childhood dreams come true.

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Thank you so much for your help. Your participation and generosity not only help this writer but every poet who submits their work for review.

Thank you again, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Hello Writing Community

  1. I hope that Milly’s leg is soon on the mend. I grew up with pet dogs and am now working with my 4th guide dog (a brindle lab/retriever called Trigger), so know how much your dog must mean to you. Very best wishes, Kevin

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    1. Thank you – she’s a little bruiser so I’m thankful she’s never had an injury this rough before.
      Guide dogs are amazing!
      I’ve always wanted to train Milly to be a helpful dog of some kind (reading companion, visiting dog) but this one, while she loves kids, also understands she can easily steal their snacks haha

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      1. Despite being an excellent guide dog (he has prevented me from having many accidents), Trigger is also known to steal food. He’s taken my colleague’s lunches in work when they have left food at the edge of their desk, so they now know to keep it well away from him! He will be 10 in November so is nearing retirement age. Kevin

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      2. Thank you, I’m sure he will.

        He is due to retire with my mum and her partner in Liverpool. So, although I live and work in London, I shall still be able to see him from time to time. Kevin


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