You Can’t Keep A Good Dog Down!

A Milly Update

The support I receive when I first posted about Milly’s surgery was so sweet and comforting. I want to thank everyone who donated, shared a review on social media or bought an item from YaYa Designs. Your combined efforts help this writer out tremendously.

I am happy to report that Milly passed her first check up since the surgery with flying colors! She’s already trying to play and jump so unfortunately I have to be the “no fun police,” but I’m ecstatic that she is healing so quickly.

While she does love a snack and a nap, this little ball of muscle also loves going on adventures. And with the way things are progresses I think she’ll be up for another one soon!

I can’t say how much I’ve appreciated all your help. Working on this blog means so much to me and knowing that I have a growing audience who are interested enough to invest in it is humbling and exciting.

So from me and Milly — Thank you!


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