Egg Shaped Ball: A Romance

Two Passions Come Together in Poetry

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Earlier this year, I was incredibly lucky to be accepting into the warm arms of Indies United Publishing House. I had been watching this co-op for awhile and was really charmed with their project to create a space for indie writers of all genres in the publishing world.

I had a passion project I was a bit nervous to send out, but finally I decided to submit it to them. Within days, they had responded that someone would be looking over it. That little acknowledgement was enough to make me feel a warm glow. If anyone reading this has submitted work before than you’ll understand how long you can wait in silence for ANY kind of response.

But within two weeks, they had reached out to me and said they would love to accept Egg Shaped Ball. I was over the moon. This chapbook of my was a culmination of two passions: rugby and poetry. Playing rugby brought a side of me to life I never had been able to fully engage with before. Poetry had always propelled me and to bring these two things together felt right.

Egg Shaped Ball honors all the women (no matter their gender, race, body size or sexuality) who play rugby. It’s meant to be a window into the emotions of female athletes as they rampage one minute and feel self doubt the next. I hope this chapbook can educate some on what rugby is like and introduce poetry to those individuals who have never had the chance to experience it before.

Happily, Egg Shaped Ball is now available!

If you are moved to buy a copy, please leave a review. I would love to hear what you think!


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9 thoughts on “Egg Shaped Ball: A Romance

  1. Congratulations on your work being picked up! I’m very interested to see the intersection of rugby and poetry especially focused on women’s rugby experiences.

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  2. It is great that you were welcomed into the publishing house! Your hard work paid off really well. The Egg Shaped ball sounds interesting and I love that it is about honoring women. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥


  3. Good luck with this new book, Laura.
    I’ve never watched a game of rugby. It is not popular where I live (Manhattan), and I’ve never owned a TV set.
    One of my poet friends has often used her love for swimming in a pool in her poems.
    Since I’m a former professional athlete, maybe I should do a few sonnets on working out at the gym — or what it’s like to be on tour with corporate sponsorship. 🙂

    Wishing you well, LindaAnn

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