2 Year Birthday Bash!

You’re Invited to Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews Virtual Birthday Party!

Can you believe it? Berry’s Poetry Book Reviews turned two years old today!

I am so happy that I launched this project. This work has allowed me to experience poetry I never could have imagined and to write and write and write and write…It’s really been a joy.

The show of support through comments, donations, and page shares has been so uplifting. When I first decided I was going to start reviewing poetry books exclusively I wasn’t sure I would have much of an audience. But seeing how many people have joined me for this journey has made for a very thrilling two years!

I know at the moment the world seems incredibly unfamiliar but I promise that the coronavirus isn’t going to silence modern poets or keep this critic from sharing their works with the world.

If you want to celebrate this birthday by giving a gift during our virtual birthday bash, please feel free to comment on or share a review and even donate! It’s only through your constant encouragement and support that keeps this blog growing!

Thank you all and stay safe (and sane)!

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