Brilliant Poetry

Oboido’s Collection is the Aim of Poets

It is beautiful. There is not much more that can be said for this collection.

Wandering Feet on Pebbled Shores contains a sweeping elegance that breathes music. Godspower Oboido’s poetry answers Kaveh Akbar’s question of what a poem is. This, his work, is an exemplary example of poetry should be and what poets around the world aim to create. His verses move with a rare grace. His word choices are supple – even sublime. The fault lines in Oboido’s work are hard to find, if they do appear they run thin and fast through “…tropical savannahs where rainforest trees…” are laden so thick with poetry they disappear.

The readers’ minds will “…dance, bewitched…” as the speaker does in “Forest Call”. Oboido spirits them away to Russia, Nigeria, London and New York where they drift “…without sense or care between silences…”

Oboido uses his poetic prowess to discuss the violence of racism, the strain of warring for peace and sing praises to wonderful figures like fellow poet, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley. Oboido writes in a variety of formats, avoiding any kind of monotonous dreariness. Published in 2017 through Lamar University Literary Press, Wandering Feet on Pebbled Shores should be read by every lover of poetry as there is something here for all. Short poems, ballads, free verse – they all have a place in this wonderful collection.

Heartache and myth and modern multi-national issues are all at home in this perfectly elegant collection that also works in just the right amount of humor. “No More Shakespeare” and “The Girl from University” are both cynically funny. The former captures a break up in which the speaker is told “no more Shakespeare” by a former love. With that line, the readers can envision so many occasions in which this young woman has rolled her eyes over sappy sonnets left to her and other undesirably sweet showerings of affection. On the other hand, aggressive nationalism is called into question in the latter piece. Russia is described as the greatest country in the world but the speaker reminds us that Russia is not “…particularly a place to be dark-skinned African.” The speaker pushes the Russian national but cannot break her even on the locals love of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

She answered me in her finest manner.

“The chicken is not from Kentucky. Only the business is.

The chicken is homegrown; it is Russian,

Ruuuuuusian…and that’s why it tastes better here.”

The poet died.

The Girl From University

Readers eager to get their hands on this collection can purchase online or order it through their local bookstore.


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