Black Lives Matter

And So Do Black Voices

Protests rage across the country alongside a pandemic. People are being tear gassed while exercising their right to free speech.

You may be feeling overwhelmed. Trapped, even, by a desire to DO something.

You can do something. If you can’t join a protest you can read.

Read poetry by black authors, review their work, support their work. Systematic racism is strengthened through many malignant roots and silencing black voices is one of them. So let’s help black voices be heard.

Below are titles by black poets which have been submitted for review. If you can, please purchase at least one of these titles or share a review to help others learn about these writers.

We’re all in this together.


The Slip Under My Church Dress – J.W. Bella

Good To Me – Cheyenne Marcelus

We All Need Therapy – Lamar Neal

A Million and One Stories – Stefon N. Lowman

Wandering Feet on Pebbled Shores – Godspower Oboido

Threed, This Road Not Damascus – Tamara J. Madison

If you don’t need anymore poetry books, please share a review and consider donating to your local bail fund!

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