Poetic Kisses

Bridgerton isn’t the Only One serving up Sexy

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LindaAnn LoSchiavo’s Concupiscent Consumption should be read with a glass of wine in hand and while treating yourself to a luscious charcuterie board of succulent grapes and delectable cheeses. Her work is full of sexual stances curled around well crafted stanzas. Her 2020 collection, published through Red Ferret Press, is intriguing and muses on many things like the effects of how nurture and nature can inform a person’s sexual taste and the dynamic physicality of a kiss.

LoSchiavo’s erotic work “…propels time toward it’s splashier affairs.” Her poems provide a lovely way for a reader to wear the long night’s “…crown of hours…” One her more alluring poems in the collection is “Sticky Figs,” in which she compares the development of female childhood into adulthood to the ripening of a fig. In this piece, she cavorts with both the sweet and sexual aspects of life. Her allusions to awkward preteen years when a young girl begins to feel trapped within her youthful shell but is still not ready for the grown up world is poignant:

All winter, fig trees huddle under tarps,

Enjoying long pajama parties, stark

Naked, their branches tied, unable to stretch.”

Then, with a flick of a red satin sheet, LoSchiavo is murmuring seductions to her readers in “Safety in Sin”. Compact, yet impactful, this poem is the thrilling graze of fingertips down an arm and a soft pair of lips whispering an invitation to board “…the crowded train of temptation.”

While some “…kisses are consumer errors…”, LoSchiavo’s graceful poetry shows that the act of love “…is the smile sewn through…” our skins. As well tailored as the lingerie she writes of in “Women in Lingerie! Body Fascination!”, the “…intimate lines..” of Concupiscent Consumption provides for an exemplary reading experience for all those who are eagerly awaiting the next season of Bridgerton or simply love poetry.

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